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BeautySkincareForeo Luna 3 vs. 4: What's the Difference and How to Choose?

Foreo Luna 3 vs. 4: What’s the Difference and How to Choose?

Although the rough facial cleansing brushes might not be the best thing to apply on the delicate skin of your face, the ergonomically designed brushes with soft bristles can alter your whole facial cleansing routine and give you flawless deeply cleansed skin.

One of the top brands available in the market to offer such facial cleansing brushes is Foreo Luna. It has released mini, full, and premium versions of its brushes to suit all face types, budgets, and other requirements.

Two of its most hyped-up series are Foreo Luna 3 and Foreo Luna 4. With a few differences in the features, both devices are top-notch. So, let us find out what are those differences and which of the two you should invest in.

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What is Foreo Luna?

Foreo Luna is a skincare products brand with a wide range of tools including facial cleansing silicone brushes, facial sculpting microcurrent tools, electric tool brushes, facial spa devices, IPL devices, and facial moisturizing products.

Out of all of its products, the facial cleansing brushes are the most popular and have even won awards. Also, it is a cruelty-free and vegan brand that produces sustainable products.

You can find more eco-friendly and sustainable skincare brands here as well.

What is Foreo Luna 3?

Foreo Luna 3 is a series of 3 facial silicone brushes that cleanse the skin pores deeply in addition to giving the skin gentle low-frequency massages to improve its tone and texture. This device has been featured in the top skincare and fashion magazines as well.

Moreover, it is suitable for all skin types.

Foreo Luna 3
Foreo Luna 3


The benefits of Foreo Luna 3 are given as,

  • Clean bacteria-resistant brushes that only cleanse the skin without damaging it
  • Allows low-frequency pulsations for massaging the skin
  • Has 6 intensities to customize the usage
  • Makes skin soft and smooth in addition to adding a healthy glow to it
  • Works well with face washes


The drawbacks of Foreo Luna are as follows,

  • The silicon bristles need to be changed every year or two
  • It might not work well for extremely sensitive or acne-prone skin
  • The initial setup of the device is difficult to understand

What is Foreo Luna 4?

Foreo Luna 4 is a series of Facial cleansing silicone brushes with 5 variants that are suitable for women as well as men. Not only does it cleanse the skin deeply and effectively but also offers facial massages to improve blood circulation and thus the complexion of the skin.

Foreo Luna 4
Foreo Luna 4


Its benefits are given as,

  • T-sonic massages to make skin smooth and ageless
  • Silicone brushes that maintain hygiene and cleanse the skin deeply
  • Customizable intensity levels and clinically proven results
  • Multiple massage patterns to make the skin firm and drain the lymphatics
  • Improves the absorption of post-cleanse skincare products


  • It is expensive
  • Does not fit well in small hands
  • Might not reach concealed areas of the face effectively

What are the Key Points of Foreo Luna 3 Vs 4?

As both of the devices belong to the same brands, here are some of their mutual features and key points.

  • Foreo is a Swedish award-winning skincare technology brand
  • Foreo Luna 3 and 4 are made of dust and bacteria-resistant silicone bristles that are much more hygienic than nylon facial brushes
  • Both devices have customizable intensity levels and work for all skin types
  • Both devices come with long battery life and a travel-friendly design
  • The T-sonic pulsations of these devices open the pores to clean them deeply
  • Both devices are clinically proven to remove up to 99.5% of bacteria, dirt, dead skin cells, and impurities

What are the Differences Between Foreo Luna 3 Vs. 4?

Now let us talk about the differences between both devices and decide which of the two you should choose.


Foreo Luna 3 is an oval device with small silicone bristles on one side that cleanses the face efficiently while staying hygienic and free of bacteria. The back side of Luna 3 has elongated and elevated lines to massage the skin.

Differences Between Foreo Luna 3 Vs. 4
Foreo Luna 4

While the design of the Foreo Luna 4 is also similar with bristles on one side and the massaging lines on the other, it is a little larger and more egg-shaped as compared to the Luna 3.

Furthermore, the weight of both devices is the same. So, Luna 3 is more suitable for small hands while Luna 4 works more quickly for bigger faces.


The technology of both devices is greatly similar with the presence of T-sonic pulsations and low-frequency vibrations to cleanse and massage the skin. This sonic pulsation vibrates around 8000 times.

Additionally, the usage of both devices is customizable with 16 intensity levels. However, Luna 4 also offers 4 guided massages and 5 massage patterns that target different parts of the face.

So, if you are looking for a more functional device, Foreo Luna 4 is a better option.

Product Range and Variants

Foreo Luna 3 offers only 3 devices including Luna Mini 3, Luna 3 Plus, and Luna 3 Play.

  • Luna 3 Mini is the small and more affordable version of this series with only 3 intensities, small and big silicone touch points, and double-sided cleansing brushes.
  • Luna 3 Plus is a plus-sized device that cleanses the face with thermal energy and also offers microcurrent to massage it.
  • Luna 3 Play takes the cleansing game to a whole new level and gives professional results with its ultra-smart sensors.

Foreo Luna 4 has 5 variants with distinguishable features. These are given as,

  • Luna 4 Plus offers anti-aging treatment, LED light therapy, and deep cleansing of the skin.
  • Luna 4 Body is the version of the Luna series suitable to cleanse and exfoliate the body. It reduces cellulite, strawberry legs, and dry skin.
  • Luna 4 Men is designed to be used on the hard and oily facial skin of the men. It tones the face and improves the shaving experience.
  • Luna 4 Mini is the smallest version with the basic features of the cleansing brush.
  • Luna 4 Go is a space-friendly device that only requires 1 minute to show its cleaning magic.

There are so many versions of both series allowing you to choose the one that suits your needs and budget.

Foreo Luna 4 vs 3 Price and Packaging

Price and Packaging

The average price of the Foreo Luna 3 series is $129 on sale and $219 without sale. The devices come in three colors; purple, pink, and blue. These colors represent the suitability of the devices for different skin types.

Within this price, you get the following items in the box,

  • Luna 3 device
  • A charging cable for the device
  • An instruction manual and guide
  • A travel-friendly pouch to keep the device

The average price of the Foreo Luna 4 series is $279 and it is rarely available at a discount. You can choose purple, green, and orange colors in this device and the package comes with the following items,

  • Luna 4 device
  • A charging cable with USB-type charging
  • An instruction manual and guide
  • A travel-friendly pouch
  • A 2-year warranty card

As you can see the prices of the two devices differ by $100+ but both have the same items in the package. So, the choice of choosing one is mainly based on usage modes.

Durability and Battery Life

Both of the devices come with a warranty of 2 years and you have to replace the silicone cover of both devices once during this time. Therefore, the devices are long-lasting, sustainable, and durable.

The battery timing of both differs. The company claims that Foreo Luna 3 can last up to 90 uses per single charge. However, the practical experience of people saying, it can only be used a few times or 3-5 days after charging it once.

On the other hand, the battery of Foreo Luna 4 lasts for 2 hours. It can be used 120 times during this time if you only use it for 1 minute every time.

Comparison Table

Here is the comparison table for both devices.

Parameter Foreo Luna 3 Foreo Luna 4 Winner
Variants 3 5 Luna 4
Price $219 $279 Luna 3
Functions Cleansing and Massaging Cleaning, Massaging, and Targeting different areas of the face Luna 4
Warranty 2 years 2 years Both
Battery Timing 90 uses 120 uses Luna 4
Waterproof Yes Yes Both
Bacteria-resistant Yes Yes Both
Shape Oval Egg-like Both
Weight 125 gram 125 gram Both
Where to buy ● Official website

● Amazon

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● Official website

● Amazon

● Retailers



Both Foreo Luna 3 and Luna 4 are silicone facial cleansing devices worth the hyper because of their super quick and effective results. These devices not only cleanse the face but also make the skin firm.

So, if that’s all you want and you are tight on budget, Foreo Luna 3 is the best choice for you. On the other hand, if you would like several massages to target your face and body, you can invest in Foreo Luna 4.


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