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BeautySkincareForeo Luna 4 vs. Luna 4 Plus: What is the Difference?

Foreo Luna 4 vs. Luna 4 Plus: What is the Difference?

If you’ve been following Foreo’s product lines since their inception over a decade ago, you can testify to the exceptional finesse put into the crafting of the Luna series. The company continues to wow its teeming customers with its iconic face-cleansing tool that has become the pacesetter in the beauty ecosystem. About four years ago, we all commended Foreo for launching Luna 3 and 3+. While many recognized a few things that Foreo could still have included, it was the go-to tool for removing grime and other facial dirt. Fast forward to 2022, and we now have Foreo Luna 4 and 4 Plus.

Like other brands that release regular upgrades to their products, the question buyers often ask with each release is: “Am I better off with this new release, or should I stay put with the earlier version?” This may be even why you found this article. How is Luna 4 Plus different from Luna 4? What special features (if any) do you stand to gain by spending an extra $100+ to get the Luna 4 Plus?

This article will analyze how these two Lunas differ and suggest which may be best for you, depending on your needs. But before that, let’s briefly review the history of Foreo and what necessitated the release of Luna 4 and 4 Plus

A Brief History of Foreo Luna

History of Foreo Luna

Foreo is a Swedish beauty tech company owned by Bosnia-born Filip Sedic. Established in 2013, the brand specializes in producing cosmetics and beauty tech products that help users achieve a more youthful and healthier look. The Luna product line was the first beauty collection to emanate from Foreo, and it’s a tech product that promises users the two-in-one benefit of a clean and firm face.

From the debut of Luna, which hit the market a decade ago, the brand now has multiple generations of the product line, and Foreo Luna 4 Plus is the latest. It came out almost the same time as the Luna 4. Both product lines function on Foreo’s patented T-Sonic Pulsation technology that pulses up to eight thousand times per use. The good thing about Foreo’s Lunas is that products have been clinically tested by third-party assessors and found to meet the claims made by the company. For instance, Foreo 4 and 4 Plus have been clinically affirmed to remove dirt and makeup leftovers with an accuracy of 99%.

If Foreo Luna 3 and 3+ were as great as acclaimed, you might ask, “Why do we have 4 and 4 Plus?” Well, here is the answer. Up to Luna 3+, there was only one way to exfoliate and cleanse your skin – pulsating. However, many people yearned for alternatives, especially a 2-in-1 tool that offers both pulsating and brush. Foreo probably caught this request and decided to come up with Luna 4 to address it. But the 4 Plus gives more than this. Continue reading to find out.

The Design and Science Behind Foreo Luna 4

Foreo Luna 4

Luna 4 takes the shape of a cone but perfectly fits the palm for seamless use. Since there are different skin types, Foreo also produced Luna 4 in three different colors for the three skin categories: balanced, sensitive, and combination

As mentioned earlier, the massaging technology that this cleansing tool uses is T-sonic, with the “T” standing for transdermal. That means that the massage goes beyond the outer skin to open your pores for cleaning and absorption of skincare products. You can adjust the intensity of this pulsation between 1 and 16 to suit your needs. In one minute, T-Sonic can render 8,000 pulsations to guarantee a fast and deep cleaning of your facial skin.

For first-class hygiene when using this skin cleanser, Foreo wrapped this product in a medical-grade and body-safe silicone. Drawing inspiration from the “lotus effect,” the brand created tiny bristles around this silicone that keep grime and dirt off. Furthermore, the silicone comes coated with a rare substance that delivers a velvety soft touch to users’ hands.

The result of these technical imputations is a Luna 4 device that is not only efficient but also fast, long-lasting, and super hygienic for all. Third-party clinical trials even reveal that this silicone-made face cleanser is 35 times more hygienic than its competitors, made of nylon bristles.

The Design and Science Design of Foreo Luna 4 Plus

Foreo Luna 4+

Luna 4 and 4 Plus are similar in design except with some minor differences. For example, Luna 4 Plus is only available for two skin types: normal and sensitive. However, the look and colors are similar to those of Foreo Luna 4.

Besides the ultra-hygienic silicone wrap and T-Sonic pulsation that Foreo Luna 4 Plus shares with Luna 4, two other technologies set it apart. The first is the anti-shock and microcurrent system. It is a facelift approach that involves passing low-voltage electricity into facial muscles to improve the skin’s elasticity, resolve aging features like skin sagging, and contour your face to make you look younger. Science tells us that the face has about 69 muscles, and as we age, these muscles lose their form, resulting in facial depression and sagging. Foreo’s medical-grade microcurrent works out your muscles to restore your cheekbones and eyebrows to their original, youthful look.

The other technology that Luna 4 Plus showcases is LED light. It was initially used to treat wounds in hospitals until recently when estheticians discovered its potential for treating acne skin regeneration and as one of the preparatory stages when planning to have a microcurrent facial. LED lights are of varying wavelengths but do not contain UV rays implicated in skin cancer.

With these two technologies and the other two shared with Luna 4, Foreo Luna 4 Plus provides deep cleaning, a firmer and younger look, and a long-lasting hygienic skin treatment that you can hardly find anywhere else.

Foreo Luna 4 vs. Luna 4 Plus: Comparison Table

Parameters Foreo Luna 4 Foreo Luna 4 Plus
Price $279 $399
Size 122g 150g
Weight 82.5mm x 38mm x 102mm 82.5mm x 38.8mm x 102mm
Major Functionalities ● Clinically tested to remove 99.5% of dirt, oil, and makeup leftovers trapped in skin pores.

● A 2-in-1 tool for face cleansing and a firmer look.

● Reduces puffiness and enhances lymphatic drainage.

● Clinically tested to remove 99.5% of dirt trapped deep into the skin.

● Flawless prep for anti-aging treatment.

● Boosts collagen production, consequently leading to a more radiant look.

● One tool for many beauty functions.

● Bacteria-resistant silicone makeup.

Design ● Three brush types (for Sensitive, Combination, or Balanced skin)

● Three cleansing modes (Deep, Regular, and Gentle)

● Sixteen pulsation intensities (T-Sonic)

● Velvety-Soft Silicone Touchpoints

● 17% softer than Luna 4

● The gentlest Luna yet

● Adjustable massage patterns

● Three brush types (for Sensitive, Combination, or Balanced skin)

● Three cleansing modes (Deep, Regular, and Gentle)

● Sixteen pulsation intensities (T-Sonic)

Warranty 2 years 2 years
Year of release September, 2022 September, 2022
Color Variants Lavender (for sensitive skin), Orange (for balanced skin), and light green (for combination skin) Pear pink (for normal skin), Lavender(for sensitive skin)
What’s in the box? ● Luna 4

● Serum sample sachet, 2 ml

● USB charging cable

● Travel pouch

● Quick start guide

● General Manual

● LUNA™ 4 plus

● USB charging cable

● Travel pouch

● Quick start guide

● General manual

Feeling Velvety-soft silicone Velvety-soft silicone

So, What’s the Difference Between Foreo Luna 4 and Luna 4 Plus?

First, the price stands out as something that separates the two Lunas. Luna 4 sells for around $279, while 4 Plus goes for $399 or more, depending on where you purchase it. That’s a price difference of about $120 or more.

Beyond the price, the main difference between these two beauty tools is the features they offer. With Foreo Luna 4, you get deep face and neck cleansing and massage that comes with many benefits. These benefits include a more radiant look, better penetration of makeup cosmetics, relaxation of muscles, and a hygienic grooming experience. However, for Luna 4 Plus, you get all of these plus skin prep and microcurrent facials. You may not fully understand this until you find out that a single microcurrent session with an esthetician costs at least $180. But with Luna 4 Plus, you can do this at home as often as you need it at a one-off price.

Luna 4 vs. Luna 4 Plus: Which Should You Buy?

Buy Foreo Luna 4 If:

Foreo Luna 4 Pink

  • You are only interested in removing locked grime, dirt, and makeup from your facial skin
  • You are on a strict budget and still want a premium face cleanser tool
  • You don’t have time for appointments with estheticians
  • You desire a firmer look and more radiant skin
  • You want a device that can last a lifetime with no part replacement required
  • You desire a versatile cleansing tool that is tailored-made to your skin type

Buy Foreo Luna 4 Plus If:

Foreo Luna 4 Plus

  • You want a single device that can remove locked dirt and also perform microcurrent facials
  • You don’t have the luxury of space or patience to carry multiple beauty devices with you
  • You have the means to purchase a beauty tool that is just a few dollars short of 500
  • You want a device that can last a lifetime with no part replacement required
  • You desire a versatile cleansing tool that is tailored-made to your skin type


I hope you can now tell the difference between Foreo Luna 4 and Luna 4 Plus. The first only provides improved face cleansing and massaging, while the second adds two extra functionalities – LED light therapy and microcurrent facials. With this understanding, you will agree that the right question should not be about which is better but about what you need.

Both Lunas are premium beauty tech tools and are perfect for their designed purpose. If you’ve been yearning for a clinically tested multi-functional beauty gadget that will cleanse your face, massage it, and perform a microcurrent facial to give you a youthful look, the tool you’ve been looking for is Foreo Luna 4 Plus.

Conversely, suppose your interest only lies in getting a clinically tested and proven tool to get rid of facial dirt while delivering a gentle massage that temporarily opens your pores, you are OK with Foreo Luna 4.


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