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BeautyHaircareNutrafol vs Viviscal vs Folexin: Which Is Better for Hair Growth?

Nutrafol vs Viviscal vs Folexin: Which Is Better for Hair Growth?

The beauty of our hair is as important as that of the beauty of our skin makes you look flawless and teeth add a bright smile to your face. While the tips to get beautiful and healthy skin and white and bright teeth are explained in our previous articles, let us talk about hair today.

Hair adds an unparalleled charm to an individual’s personality. Some of the ways of getting thick, healthy, and shiny hair are scalp care and supplementing the hair from the inside out.

You can oil them regularly to improve their texture. However, hair growth supplements are mandatory to stimulate the follicles. Therefore, we plan on comparing the 3 top-rated hair growth supplements today.

Find out Nutrafol vs. Viviscal vs. Folexin: which one is better for your hair growth.

1. What is Nutrafol?

Nutrafol is a holistic supplement that targets the causes of hair thinness at various levels leading to the stimulation of healthy hair by reducing the factors that are damaging the hair.

It features a combination of vitamins, acids, minerals, and proteins that are required for hair growth and wellness. Also, it offers a variety of hair supplements for women with various requirements like vegan, balanced, simple, and postpartum.

How Does Nutrafol Work?

How Does Nutrafol WorkNutrafol works by interacting with the causes of hair loss. For example, it helps in balancing the DHT hormones, reduces stress by reducing cortisol, counteracts oxidative stress, improves metabolism, provides nutrition to the scalp, and finally provides proteins and hydration to the scalp.

What are the Key Ingredients of Nutrafol?

The key ingredients in Nutrafol along with their functions are given as,

  • Marine Collagen Peptides: This provides the scalp and hair with amino acids it lacks and works as an antiaging agent making it the most important ingredient of Nutrafol.
  • Horsetail with Silica: Makes the hair strong and thick.
  • Curcumin: It is an anti-inflammatory agent that also improves circulation and metabolism.
  • Tocotrienol Complex: It deals with the free radicals that damage the scalp.
  • Sensoril: It works as a stress-mediating compound by reducing the production of cortisol.
  • Saw Palmetto: It reduces the level of DHT in the body and thus baldness and hair fall.
  • 10 Vitamins and Minerals: These include vitamin D, iodine, biotin, zinc, and selenium that only improves hair health but skin texture as well.

Are There Any Side Effects of Nutrafol?

There is not much to the side effects of Nutrafol other than occasional GIT symptoms like bloating, discomfort, indigestion, diarrhea, and gas. Also, some people might be allergic to it without knowing and they face skin irritation and rashes.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Nutrafol

The benefits of Nutrafol are given as,

  • It focuses more on the root cause of hair damage and heals the scalp by treating those causes.
  • Made of natural ingredients that are plant-based as well.
  • Its effects are backed up by science [1].
  • Offers multiple variants for women with different needs

The drawbacks of Nutrafol are given as,

  • The requirement of taking 4 capsules every day.
  • Expensive

2. What is Viviscal?

Viviscal is a hair growth supplement that is completely free of drugs and has proven to improve the thickness of hair in women within a few months. They come in tablet form and feature the AminoMar Marine Complex along with vitamins and minerals essential for hair growth.

Furthermore, it is effective for women of all ages.

How Does Viviscal Work?

How Does Viviscal WorkThe effects of the Viviscal results from the marine complex, vitamins, and minerals present in it. This formula works by providing nutrition to the hair.

This nutrition helps in the thickening of thin hair, reducing hair fall, increasing hair density, and finally making the hair appear stronger overall.

What are the Key Ingredients of Viviscal?

The key ingredients of Viviscal are given below,

  • AminoMar Marine Complex: It allows the hair to receive enough vitamins to nourish its growth and thinning.
  • Biotin: Biotin stimulates the production of keratin and improves the elasticity and strength of the hair.
  • Vitamin C: It is an antioxidant that also boosts the production of collagen in the skin and hair.
  • Iron: It improves the blood supply and thus oxygen and nutrient supply to the hair.
  • Zinc: It is necessary for the rejuvenation of the hair.
  • Niacin: It hydrates the hair and adds a shine to it.

Are There Any Side Effects of Viviscal?

Just like Nutrafol, the side effects of Viviscal also affect your gut and might give you allergies.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Viviscal

The benefits of Viviscal are as follows.

  • Its formula is developed by thorough research and study.
  • The results of Viviscal are backed up by research [2].
  • Shows results within 3 months
  • Relatively affordable
  • You only need 2 tablets every day

The drawbacks of Viviscal are given as,

  • It can aggravate allergy in people allergic to seafood
  • Might stimulate hair growth in unwanted areas

3. What is Folexin?

Folexin is an affordable and effective supplement in contrast to Nutrafol and Viviscal which are expensive. It is a mixture of traditional and modern ingredients that give the required push for hair growth.

This lab-tested hair growth supplements that work everywhere your body has proteins. It means Folexin improves the health of skin and nails in addition to hair.

How Does Folexin Work?

How Does Folexin WorkFolexin is a blend of over 20 ingredients that are known to boost the growth of hair by making it stronger, longer, thicker, and healthier by supplying herbal benefits in addition to minerals and vitamins.

What are the Key Ingredients of Folexin?

The key ingredients of Folexin are given as,

  • Biotin: Biotin is an essential ingredient that helps in the production of the proteins of hair.
  • Iron: Irons help in the supply of oxygen to the hair by increasing blood flow.
  • Fo-Ti: It is an anti-aging ingredient obtained from plants to make hair thicker.
  • Vitamin D: It improves the health of the scalp.
  • Vitamin E: It is an anti-oxidant that deals with the environmental damage done to the hair.
  • Zinc: It helps in the repair of the damaged hair.

Are There Any Side Effects of Folexin?

While Folexin hair growth supplements can also make your gut upset, it can also affect your CNS and cause headaches, dizzy spells, and fatigue. Furthermore, consult your doctor if you have diabetes as it may interfere with the sugar level in the blood.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Folexin

The benefits of Folexin are given as,

  • Super affordable
  • A simple yet effective blend of nutrients for hair
  • Made of organic ingredients
  • Benefits skin and nails as well

The drawbacks of Folexin are as follows,

  • Might take a longer time to show its effects
  • Might cause CNS side effects
  • Not suitable for pregnant women

Nutrafol vs Viviscal vs Folexin: The Differences

Now that we are aware of the details of all three supplements, let us talk about the differences between the three.

Ingredient Profile

The ingredients that distinguish these hair growth supplements are given as,

  • Nutrafol: It offers saw palmetto, curcumin, astaxanthin, and sensorial to help in managing causes of hair loss.
  • Vivisical: AminoMar Marine complex is the highlight of Viviscal.
  • Folexin: Fo-Ti derived from plants is the major ingredient of Folexin.

Viviscal before and after

Target Audience

The target audience of these three supplements is given as.

  • Nutrafol: Nutrafol is designed for both men and women in different stages of life and needs.
  • Vivisical: It is also suitable for both genders but has better products for women.
  • Folexin: Folexin is a general product compatible with the hair growth requirements of both men and women.


  • Nutrafol: Nutrafol is the most expensive of the three and it also finishes early because you need 4 capsules a day.
  • Vivisical: Viviscal is an affordable hair growth supplement and is worth its price.
  • Folexin: Folexin is super economical but its ingredients are rather basic and its effects are slow.

The Final Verdict: Which of These is Better for Hair Growth?

All three hair growth supplements are known for their results whether they occur immediately or take some time. Also, their ingredients are balanced and tablets are formulated according to the needs of your hair.

The final decision of which of the 3 is better for you is dependent upon your budget, the status of your hair health, and the results you need. If you have enough money and have underlying health disorders, Nutrafol can serve you the best.

Additionally, if you are looking for pocket-friendly products for your thinning hair, folexin, and Viviscal won’t disappoint you either.


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