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BeautyHow to Reduce Breast Size in 7 Days at Home? (7 Ways)

How to Reduce Breast Size in 7 Days at Home? (7 Ways)

Is your breast becoming too heavy for your body to carry? Are you being body-shamed for being too busty?

Big breasts are not a disease and really not bad, especially if they are natural. You should try to understand that everyone has their own nature, so it’s not a mistake or an ailment. While some women see being busty as a cosmetic asset, it can come with a lot of discomfort and psychological issues. Having an extra-large breast is sure to cause a lot of stress—back pain, and neck pain.

If you are uncomfortable with your bust, opting for a reduction is not a bad decision. There are actually two options to reduce the size: natural and artificial.

In this article, we will discuss natural methods to reduce your breast size in 7 days.

Before we dive right in, let’s talk about why some women have big breasts and possible reasons to want to reduce their breast size.

Why do Some Women Have Big Breasts?

The breast is composed of two tissues: adipose and granular tissues, which have hormonal receptors. The adipose makes up the fatty tissues in the breast, while the granular is mainly for the production of milk. When you experience hormonal imbalances, the effects may cause your breasts to grow bigger. Some other factors include genetics, pregnancy, obesity, and some medications.

What Are the Benefits of Reducing Breast Size?

Benefits of Reducing Breast SizeLess or no body pains

You are probably tired of having to experience neck, back, hip, and shoulder pains all the time as a result of those big busts. With a reduced breast size, all this can become history.

Quicker Stimulation

As awkward as this may sound, having a big breast reduces your chance of quick sexual arousal. Research at the University of Vienna suggests that people with smaller breasts have the chance of quicker stimulation, which means they can easily get aroused sexually.

Best for going braless

The new trend for women is going braless. Can you do that with a big breast? Yes, but it looks more fashionable for women with small breasts.


With a smaller breast, you can have that much confidence, be free from any sort of body-shaming, and draw less attention, too.

7 Ways to Reduce Your Breast Size at Home in 7 Days

Most women often opt for surgeries to reduce their breast size. However, it’s not everyone willing to take such big steps, especially with the risk associated with surgical operations. There are home remedies to try that can start showing results in 7 days. But you should talk to your physician before you try any of these.

1. Start regular exercise

Frequent exercise is one of the few practices that can help decrease the size of your breasts. How does it do this? What it does is reduce chest fat and develop the muscles under the breast, hence causing the breast to reduce in size.

The reason these works is not rocket science. The breast contains a significant portion of fat, so when you try out some cardio and intensity exercise regularly, results can start manifesting in a few days.

Exercises like climbing, walking, and cycling are anaerobic and can increase the rate of metabolism, helping you lose body fat generally.

You should also try out strength-training exercises like push-ups. When you do push-ups regularly, it can help tighten up your chest muscles and result in a decrease in the size of your breasts.

Strength-training exercises like this alone may not do the work; as a matter of fact, they may even enlarge the breasts even more. It is best if you combine cardio with strength training exercises; both are proven to work.

Consistency is key if you are truly determined to decrease the size of your breasts, so it is recommended that you exercise for at least 30 minutes a day for a minimum of five days a week.

2. Watch your diets

Reduce Breast Size dietsAs the saying goes, you are what you eat; what you eat determines the amount of fat stored in your body. Generally, big breasts are most often caused by body fat.

As you inculcate the habit of exercising regularly, you also need to work on your diet if you want to reduce your weight and breast size. Look out for foods containing too many calories; you don’t need them at all, and they contribute to the growth of your breasts.

Eat more fruits, fish, and vegetables to burn some extra calories after your normal exercise. Too much-processed food should be avoided, and sweets should be cut down to help you lose some weight faster.

3. Try out green or ginger tea

You’ve probably heard that green tea is helpful for weight loss. It is also a home remedy for reducing your breast size, since your breast is also part of your body and contains fats as well. It contains antioxidants that can speed up your body’s metabolism, which results in the burning of calories. It can cause a decrease in your breast size. More so, taking green tea is effective for increasing body energy.

Ginger works too. When you take ginger tea too often, it can stimulate body metabolism and burn excessive fat in the body. If you are not comfortable drinking it as tea, you can include it in your diet by using it as a natural ingredient. If you are taking it as tea, it’s advised that you take it three times every day for a quick effect.

4. Apply egg whites

This is surely going to make you two-minded, but one of the few ways to reduce breast size is to improve breast tone. Things like breastfeeding, weight loss, and aging can cause sagging of the breast. This can sometimes make it look like they are bigger. Egg whites can help bring back the elasticity of your breasts.

Mix two egg whites until they begin to form, and apply gently to the breast. Let it sit for at least 30 minutes, then remove it with warm water. You did notice the firming of the surface when it dried. This practice is temporary, and the breast may return to its former size after the egg white is washed off.

5. Beat the estrogen level

Estrogen is known to be vital for the development of tissues around the breast. Beating excess estrogen may reduce the size of your breasts. Don’t doubt it, especially if you are suffering from hormonal imbalances.

Reduce Breast Size Beat the estrogen level

Estrogen and progesterone are contained in hormonal contraceptives, which most often cause the breast to enlarge. When you stop taking these medications, the effects start to go away.

Postmenopausal research has suggested that one can reduce estrogen levels in the body by changing diets. It was found that Mediterranean diets, low alcohol intake, and increased body activity can help lower the level of estrogen in the body.

However, there are almost no proven natural solutions to reduce body estrogen. It is best that you meet with your physician for medical prescriptions to lower the level of estrogen in your body.

6. Chew flax seeds

An imbalance in the hormones can cause your breasts to grow even more. Fatty acids like omega-3 are very essential for low blood pressure, regulating hormones, and improving brain function. They could also help reduce the size of your breasts.

Our bodies cannot produce all the nutrients they need for survival, so we get them from what we eat. Flax seeds and fish like tuna and salmon are rich in omega-3 fatty acids. They can help cut down on your estrogen level and, most importantly, reduce your breast size. It is also good for the free flow of digestive activities in the body.

In case you find chewing flax seeds disgusting, you may consider including them in your diet as natural ingredients or drink them with water just like you take drugs. You can also look for flaxseed milk and eggs at your local medicine stores.

7. Wear well-fitting clothes.

Are you done trying out all the methods, yet no results? Don’t lose hope. You can reduce the appearance of your breasts. Wearing well-fitting clothes on properly fitted bras can reduce the size of your breasts and make them appear smaller. Also, dark clothes and checking the neckline of your top may reduce attention, and people won’t even notice how big your busts are.

Bottom line

The most common practice for breast size reduction is surgery. However, not everybody likes to go through those phases, considering the downsides and risks involved. Trying out the natural methods may not work faster than surgery, but they are much safer and less expensive.

You must speak with your physician before you start any of the home remedies. When you are in the process and notice any strange effects along the way, also see your doctor immediately. When you are done trying the natural methods and none work, you may consider surgery as the best option.


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