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BeautyHow to Look Younger Than Your Age Naturally? (17 Ways)

How to Look Younger Than Your Age Naturally? (17 Ways)

While we might act like believing in “aging like fine wine”, we have to accept that everybody wants to look young, right? What would be a better compliment than “You look so fresh and youthful” once you cross your twenties?

One way to look to look 20 when you are 40 is to get some face lifting, botox, and other cosmetic products. But not all of us have the money, energy, and time to invest so much into such invasive operations. In this case, how about learning to look younger naturally?

We will share 17 ways to look younger than your age naturally in this article. So, stay tuned and start following these tips to stay in the best of your health and appearance.

5 Skincare Tips to Look Younger Than Your Age Naturally

The secret to radiant skin is skincare. We already talked about 10 Good Skincare Habits for Beautiful and Healthy Skin. Therefore, here we will only focus on the skincare tips that focus on anti-aging.

Skincare Tips to Look Younger Than Your Age Naturally

1. Never Skip Sunscreen

STAY AWAY FROM THE SUN!! Nothing damages the skin as badly as the UV rays from the sun. From hyperpigmentation to wrinkles, unprotected sun exposure is the culprit. Therefore, no matter what age you are, start wearing sunscreen regularly when you are indoors or outdoors.

A sunscreen of SPF 50 is enough. Also, do not forget to reapply a liberal amount if you stay in direct sunlight for 2 hours.

2. Moisturize Your Skin Regardless of the Season and Skin Type

One of the features of the natural aging process is reduced internal hydration of the skin. Smile lines, wrinkles, and crowfeet are more obvious on dehydrated. Thus, make an enriched moisturizer a must-have part of your skincare routine.

Also, focus on buying moisturizers that contain skin-strengthening ingredients like vitamin C, niacinamide, hyaluronic acid, and vitamin E.

3. Start Using Anti-Aging Skincare Products

While starting your skincare in your early 20s with anti-aging products is not a wise move, adding mild anti-aging products after the age of 25 and then adjusting the strength of such products every few years can help you look younger in the long run.

So, buy retinol and vitamin C serums, peptide creams, collagen supplements, and similar products to stop the aging process.

4. Give DIY Mask a Try

Although commercial skincare products are more efficient at making you look younger, let us not underestimate the DIY masks made with natural yet potent ingredients.

Coffee, honey, milk, turmeric, gram flour, orange peel powder, and olive oil can serve as some good ingredients to make your DIY face mask if you do not have a store-bought one.

5. Do Facial Massages

The overuse of facial muscles, lymphatic obstruction, and the effects of the environment make the skin saggy. To deal with this sagging skin, facial massages are a great option.

Facial massages with your hands, gua sha, and electric massaging tools boost the production of collagen, peptides, and elastin. Moreover, they also provide the skin with a lifting effect.

3 Makeup Tips to Look Younger Than Your Age Naturally

As skincare rejuvenates your skin from the inside, follow these makeup tips to look younger than you are.

Makeup Tips to Look Younger Than Your Age

1. Wear Face Lifting Makeup

The way you apply makeup says a lot about how your final look will appear. Therefore, always use makeup techniques that lift your face. For example, apply the eyeshadow on the outer corners of your eyes and use a cat eyeliner.

Similarly, use blush on the outer corners of your cheeks and blend it towards the eyes. Lastly, go for lightweight, liquid products rather than thick and powdery ones.

2. Go for Natural Makeup Looks

When it comes to choosing the right makeup for your aging skin, less is more. Applying thick layers of makeup on your skin will leave patches and make your wrinkles, smile lines, and eye lines more obvious.

Instead, go for soft makeup looks with minimal makeup that focuses on your prominent facial features.

3. Step-Up Your Contouring Game

Yes, you should not be wearing too many products if you want to look young. But contour can prove to be an effective method to lift the face when it is used right.

Thus, get a cream contouring kit, apply it just under the natural contour of your cheekbones and jawline, and then blend it nicely to define your face.

3 Healthcare Tips to Look Younger Than Your Age Naturally

Our physical health is an important factor in feeling young. So, here are 3 ways to maintain to live a long, healthy, and youthful life.

Healthcare Tips to Look Younger Than Your Age

1. Keep Yourself Hydrated

Out of all the healthy and nutritious drinks in the world, nothing can replace water. Water dilutes and removes toxins from the body, activates enzymes, and helps in the production of energy that rejuvenates the skin.

Thus, it is recommended to drink at least 2 liters of water every day for a fresh and hydrated body.

2. Sleep Well

Lack of sleep or sleeping at irregular intervals makes you prone to premature aging. Dark circles, puffy eyes, and a swollen face can make you look older than you are.

So, take a beauty sleep of 8-10 hours every night, give your skin and body time to heal from within, and wake up with cheerful energy.

3. Incorporate Supplements in your Routine

If you are not taking any supplements in your diet, it is time that you start multivitamins, calcium, collagen, and electrolyte boosters.

The production of these nutrients is reduced gradually as age increases resulting in signs of aging. Thus, supply these nutrients from the outside.

3 Grooming Tips to Look Younger Than Your Age Naturally

Let us talk about some grooming tips so that your appearance does not make you look old.

Grooming Tips to Look Younger Than Your Age Naturally

1. Wear Clothes that Suit You

You might have to update your wardrobe a little to add a dimension to your looks and enhance your personality. Ensure that you have some trendy clothes. But at the same time, those clothes must look good on your body while enhancing your flattering features.

In addition, go for a bright and colorful dress. Mix and match tops and bottoms to create unique and attractive looks.

2. Go for Simple Hairstyles

Our hair is as important as our skin in appearance. So, pay attention and pamper your hair like you pamper the skin. Oil the hair regularly to achieve thick and voluminous strands.

Color it in a shade that suits your skin tone if you have gray hair. And try wearing graceful yet minimalist hairstyles as they give a young look.

3. Spreads Positive Vibes

The meaning of looking younger than your age is not only your physical appearance but also how you carry yourself and how people feel about your vibes. So, try staying happy and grateful for everything you have.

Be motivated toward your goals and help others when they need you. Good mental health with a positive attitude is the key to aging beautifully.

3 Lifestyle Tips to Look Younger Than Your Age Naturally

Here are some lifestyle habits to adopt to look younger than your age naturally.

Lifestyle Tips to Look Younger Than Your Age

1. Start Facial Yoga and Physical Exercise

Physical energy reduces as we age and facial muscles start sagging. However, we can use aging for our good and start exercising regularly so that we stay fit and energetic. Furthermore, exercise helps muscle growth, improves posture, and provides an elegant appearance.

Moreover, check out The 8 Best Chest Exercises for Women (with Pictures) here.

2. Give up on Alcohol, Smoking, and Excess Caffeine

Everything that dehydrates your body or increases the production of free radicals is harmful in the long run. Some of such products present in our routines are caffeine, smoking, and alcohol.

Therefore, give up on these and replace them with healthy drinks, fresh fruit juices, and a plant-based diet.

3. Be Consistent with Your Skincare

As we are talking about “Looking Young Naturally”, let us tell you that it is not a one-time thing. You have to be patient to see the results of the natural anti-aging methods. Once you achieve the desired results, stay consistent with your skincare, lifestyle changes, and health care to stay young forever.

Also, give Why Skincare is Important: 7 Reasons Why Is It Necessary? A read here.


Instead of just looking younger than your age, the goal of your efforts should be your well-being physically, mentally, and emotionally. While skin is an important feature that gives you the appearance of a certain age, several other factors play a role in determining your overall health.

These include diet, hydration, lifestyle habits, sleep schedule, dressing sense, weight, and physical activity. Therefore, we discussed 17 top tips to help you look radiant and feel younger in this article. You can make your age “just a number” by following these methods.


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