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15 French Tip Christmas Nail Art Design Ideas of 2023

The preparation for the long vacations and the most-awaited holiday of the year is in full vigor. People buy fun Christmas gifts for friends and families, pick an outfit that fits the occasion, and make plans for big family gatherings.

Just as the men of the family are concerned about arranging the Christmas parties, the women want a dress that makes them steal the show at the event. Also, after being so hung up on meals and looking after the babies, that is the least they deserve, right?

However, not only the dress, but makeup, shoes, and nails also have an important place to look gorgeous. Winters and Christmas means the nails that match the surroundings.

Furthermore, some women want something minimalist yet stylish. So, if you are one of those women looking for French Tip Christman Nail Ideas, you will get your answer here. In this article, we are going to talk about the best French Tip Christmas nail ideas you can try this year.

What is Meant by French Tip Nail Art?

What is Meant by French Tip Nail ArtAs you must have read already, we mentioned the word “French Tip” in the nail ideas. Not all girls are aware of this style of nail art. So, let us first know what exactly is a French tip and why is considered minimalist.

Well, the nail art puts the focus on the tips of the nails with attractive designs and vibrant shades while the rest of the nail is kept simple and neutral.

This has been one of the most popular nail arts among the elites who did not want to go overboard with their nails and look stylish plus well-groomed.

Also, when we combine Christmas nails with French tips, we get designs using the typical colors of this occasion. It works for the ladies who are not so into gel nail polish as well.

The 15 Popular French Tip Christmas Nail Art Design Ideas

Here are the top 15 designs for French Tip Christmas nail art design ideas this year.

1. The Christmas Tree Lights Nail Art

The Christmas Tree Lights Nail Art

The lights on your Christmas trees and in your home decorations should not be the only ones grabbing attention on Christmas. Have your family talk about how you bring the light into every room you go with your presence. For this, Christmas tree light nails can help you draw the attention of the family.

Starting from the basic white French Tip nails, draw a curved line on the tips and add a few colorful lights on it with your nail paint brush.

2. Silver Snowflake Christmas Nails

Silver Snowflake Christmas Nails

Christmas and the winter season go hand in hand. It is the winter that adds to the beauty of the warm Christmas. So, show appreciation for the winter by bringing the snowflakes on your nail tips.

Go for a sparkly silver color for the nail tips and complement the look with metallic silver nail paint for drawing snowflakes on the rest of the nails.

3. Santa Christmas Nails

Santa Christmas Nails

Even if you are aware that Santa does not exist in reality as an adult, pay him a tribute for making your childhood full of memories. A way to feel nostalgic about Santa on Christmas is simply painting the Santa dress, especially his representative cap on your nail tips.

Also, this can give your kids a hint that their mother is an actual Santa for them.

4. Berry and Tree Design

Berry and Tree Design

When it comes to the green and red color of Christmas lights, one metallic that can incorporate it very well is a berry plant. The plant with radiant emerald-green leaves and glowing red berries.

You can paint different types of berries and leaves on the nails. Also, to make it look better, go for deep red nails on 2 fingers and the nail art on the remaining 3 fingers.

5. Hey, It is Your Olaf

Hey, It is Your Olaf

If you are an Elsa looking for an Olaf to melt for you, create your own Olaf, the Snowman design on your nails. It goes well with the French tips as you can draw the snowman on one fingernail while filling the others with a Santa cap, snowflakes, or even Christmas lights.

6. Christmas Candy Nail Art

Christmas Candy Nail Art

The big lollipop on the Christmas tree with swirls can never go out of trend no matter how much you grow up. It features the beautiful lively red color of Christmas with bright white streaks.

A great thing about it is that it can be turned into seamless nail art easily as well. You can go for the swirls as well as white and red streaks.

7. Minimalist White-Red-Green Nails

Minimalist White-Red-Green Nails

If you do not feel like making much effort on your nail art, or do it yourself at home, we suggest you try the minimalist Christmas nail French tips design.

Paint the tips of the nails with white color, draw straight streaks of red and green on them in horizontal or vertical directions, and adorn them with some colorful half-cut beads. It looks simple yet stylish.

8. Classic French Tip Nails, But with a Bow

Classic French Tip Nails, But with a Bow

Another minimalist design of the nails that you can try at home is the bows. The same bows you put on your decorative tree can embellish your nail tips as well.

Paint the tips of the nails with plain white or silver nail paint. Then carefully draw a matte or sparkly green and red bow on just where the painted nail tips end.

9. A Snowy Background with Leaves

A Snowy Background with Leaves

Although it is rare to see falling leaves in winter as most of the trees are covered with snow, there is no such restriction when it comes to nail art.

So, one of the most trendy designs for French tip nails is snowfall, a snow-covered field, some leaves falling off the tree, and the trees covered with snowflakes.

The leaves can be green, black, or any dark color you like.

10. Sparkling Fairy Light Nails

Sparkling Fairy Light Nails

If you want a last-minute design for your Christmas nails and want to keep it basic, go for French tip art with colorful tips and use all the colors of Christmas.

Bright sparkly colors are preferred here as you would like to create a magical aura just like that of a fairy. Neon nail paints can work and so can the glitter nail colors.

11. Elegant Golden and Green Nails

Elegant Golden and Green Nails

If you want something more elegant and up for making an effort for it, draw different types of green leaves on your nails. Use a shadowing effect on the leaves and finish the details of this nail art with golden sparkly nail paint.

Although a little difficult, this style creates diversity in the nail arm. Additionally, you can put some little diamonds on it as well.

12. Shinning, Shinning, Just Like a Diamond

Shinning, Shinning, Just Like a Diamond

If you love diamonds and do not have much interest in the red, green, golden, or blue colors that have been used in most of the nail art in this article, create your design with diamonds and a neutral base on the nails.

The design above shows a heart. However, you can put these stones only on the nail tips near the cuticles as well. There are so many options for playing with the diamonds on nails.

13. Sweet Candy Cane Nails

Sweet Candy Cane Nails

Another Christmas candy cane design is painting only the edges of the nails in red and white stripes. The rest of the nail is either painted light pink, pearly white, off-white, or any nude color.

Also, you can blend both candy designs mentioned in this article for sweet candy cane nails.

14. For the Ladies Who Cannot Go Without Something Black

For the Ladies Who Cannot Go Without Something Black

Do you love spending Christmas but hate the fact that only a few colors are associated with this event and those colors do not include your go-to black? And even if you wear a red or green outfit, missing black will make you regret it, right?

Do not worry as you can add that black color to your nails. Wear a full red or emerald green dress, pair it with black heels, and go for black nails. However, make sure to add in some sparkle of Christmas in the form of black snowflakes.

15. The Winter Snowfall on Your Nails

The Winter Snowfall on Your Nails

If you are a white fairy who is obsessed with everything white, loves snow, and feels enchanted by the shape of snowflakes, the winter snowflake nails are for you.

All you have to do for this is create white glitter French tips on the nails and add a few snowflakes here and there on the nails.


Christmas is incomplete without nail art for ladies. The last-minute nail artist-selected designs might not be satisfactory enough for our choosy women here.

Therefore, take the game into your own hands, and create unique designs with sparkles, glitters, colors, and diamonds.


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