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Home DecorWhere to Put a Dressing Table in the Bedroom? (10 Ideas)

Where to Put a Dressing Table in the Bedroom? (10 Ideas)

A dressing room can be a blessing when you put it in the right place. However, it can also look out of order if you have not been thoughtful enough to set it so that your room looks complete and aesthetic.

So, do you want to buy a new dressing table but you are not sure which space in your room will be suitable? Also, does it look like your room lacks a perfect place for putting a dressing table?

If yes, worry no more as we can guide you about where to put a dressing table in the bedroom. Furthermore, in this article, let us ensure that your dressing table fits your interior design perfectly.

5 Tips to Select a Suitable Dressing Table for Your Bedroom

We have searched for the top 5 tips to select the best dressing table for your bedroom. So, follow these tips and buy the dressing table that enhances the appearance of your room while allowing you to get ready on it anytime you want.

Analyze the Space and Location Your Room Can Offer

As you are going to put the dressing room in the bedroom in a way that does not obstruct your movements, take a thorough look at your look and find a space. This space could be by the window, along the pillars, behind the door, in front of the bed, or under the ceiling.

After that, measure the space and buy a dressing table that can fit in that space. For example, small dressing tables with drawers like consoles and pedestals are a better choice for limited spaces.

On the other hand, women with big rooms can get a lavish dressing table without worrying about the occupied area.

Tips to Select a Suitable Dressing Table

Carefully See the Interior Design of Your Room

To make your dressing table look like it is part of your furniture set, you need to see how your room is designed. Does it look classic, does it have an element of antique furniture, or is it more of a modern-styled bedroom?

After that, you should get a dressing table that pairs well either with your interior design or furniture. Furthermore, go for matching or contrasting colors and do not buy any random colored dressing table you see in the market.

A Dressing Table Must be Functional and Comfortable

Ask yourself why you need a dressing table, that too in your bedroom. Is it to help you get ready in the morning or do skincare at night conveniently or is it to add a refined and glamorous look to your room?

We are sure, most women want it for the first reason and consider the second one a bonus point. Therefore, buy a dressing table with a comfortable chair, easy-to-open drawers, shelves to keep your everyday makeup, and a wide counter to work on.

Additionally, we suggest you buy a dressing table with inbuilt partitions in the drawers for better organization of your products.

Look for the Dressing Tables that Come with Built-in Mirror and Lights

While you can put the dressing table in direct sunlight, it is not certain that your room gives way to natural light. Therefore, the best bet is to buy a dressing table that comes with built-in lights around the mirror. These lights offer you a bright area to see your reflection in the mirror and achieve a flawless makeup look.

Also, sometimes the dressing tables do not have mirrors. For this, you need to see if the set you are browsing on the internet comes with a mirror or not.

Do not Compromise Quality for Price

Dressing tables are available at huge variations when it comes to prices. Although some cheap dressing sets can look good, you would know that they are poorly made as you look at their quality.

Also, glass, wood, and metal are some of the commonly used materials to make dressing tables. These materials have variations in their usability, durability, price, and aesthetics.

Therefore, it is important to know what type of material suits your needs the best and buy one accordingly. Once you are sure about your requirements, invest in a high-quality dressing table so that you do not have to buy another in a few months.

10 Ideas on Where to Put a Dressing Table in Your Bedroom

Once you have bought the perfect dressing table for your bedroom, it is time to set it in the most suitable place. So, here are the top 10 ideas on where to put a dressing table in the bedroom. Also, check 12 Cool and Creative Coffee Table Designs if you are looking for a coffee table.

1. By the Side of Your Bed

Put Dressing Table By the Side of Your Bed

The corner by the side of the bed is often left empty. This area cannot be used for any other purpose and seems like a waste of space. So, see your empty bedside corner as a chance and set your dressing table there.

This setting of the room works well for small spaces and tiny dressing tables. Also, try buying a simple table with a counter comparable in size to the empty corner if you like this idea.

2. Along the Window/Balcony

Put Dressing Table Along the Window

Do you have a window or balcony in your room? If yes, that can serve as the best area to place a dressing table. It is because the window allows natural light to gain entry into the room and offers a seamless makeup application that looks perfect in bright light.

Also, if your window is occupied, change the setting of your furniture a little to adjust the dressing table in that space. You can put some self-watering planters in the window stool to make it aesthetic.

3. Along Your Work Desk

Put Dressing Table Along Your Work Desk

Do you have a big work desk that occupies most of the space in your room? If yes, you do not need to buy an extra dressing table. Simply order a round, oval, or rectangular mirror and set it just above your work desk.

In this way, you can use half of the space as your work/study table while the other hand as your dressing table.

4. In a Spare Space in Your Bedroom

Put Dressing Table In a Spare Space in Your Bedroom

A room with a wall cupboard or pillars often has some space in it. This space can be bridged with the help of a wooden shelf with drawers and used as a dressing table.

Additionally, you can add a mirror, some side shelves, and accessories to your DIY dressing table and make it look more pleasing.

5. Under the Slopping Roof

Put Dressing Table Under the Slopping Roof

The space under the slopping roof is often not used because of the risk of striking your head into the wall. However, it can be an optimal place for putting your dressing table.

The mirror, shelves, and counter of the dressing table can be put just under the slope and your chair will be at a small distance. In this way, the space under the sloping roof can be used without any concerns.

We also want you to read How to Build a Home Gym in a Small Space as it can help you redesign your home.

6. Put a Mirror On the Wall Above the drawers

All you need in this case is a mirror to accomplish the design. Also, drawers under a window panel can be a useful place as they offer direct sunlight.

So, check if the interior design of your bedroom includes drawers lying at a low level with free space above them. If yes, you have your answer. Reuse these drawers to make a perfect and useful dressing table.

7. Your Bedside Table Can Become Your Dressing Area

Your Bedside Table Can Become Your Dressing Area

Your bedside table can become your dressing table. This idea is useful for women who have no space in their rooms and their bedside tables are left spare and unused. However, removing the bedside tables can affect the appearance of the furniture set.

So, take the best of it and apply a mirror to the wall to turn your bedside table into a dressing table. Also, you can keep a cute stool in front of the table to complete the set and make your new dressing table more comfortable.

8. How about Using Your Dressing Room/Walk in Wardrobe?

How about Using Your Dressing Room in Wardrobe

You can fit a simple table and mirror in a small space in your wardrobe and use it as your dressing table.

So, this idea works best for women who have a separate walk-in wardrobe or dressing room. Analyze that space and placement of cupboards in your wardrobe/dressing room and set a new dressing table in that space.

9. Nothing Can be More Creative Than the Footend of the Bed

Nothing Can be More Creative Than the Footend of the Bed

The foot end of the bed is often empty, especially if you do not have an ottoman there. So, put a low-lying table at the foot end of the bed, then embellish it with a small mirror, and your makeup products.

Not only does it serve its role, but also looks glamorous. We thought of this idea for ladies who like to add a bit of creativity to everything they do.

10. The Vanity Area is Not a Bad Choice Either

Put Dressing Table The Vanity Area is Not a Bad Choice Either

Who could have thought that vanity could be used as a dressing table? So, if your vanity sink lies outside your bathroom and does not accumulate moisture and dirt, you can use it as a dressing table.

The storage space in this case is often limited. So, this is not the best option if your makeup collection is extensive and you need a lot of space on the counter while getting ready.


Placing a dressing room in the bedroom might have been a huge issue for you and hiring an interior designer for this simple task might look like a waste of money.

Therefore, we looked for the top 10 ideas on where to put the dressing table in the bedroom and explained each of those in this article.


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