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How to Build a Home Gym in a Small Space? Are Worth It?

Do you keep delaying your gym classes even after paying for them because of the hassle of traveling? Or do you want to get fit without visiting the corner gym? Well, a home gym can be the solution for you.

However, do you lack space to build a home gym in your apartment and cannot comprehend what to do about your sudden urge to exercise regularly? Do not worry; you can build a home gym in your apartment regardless of size.

In this article, we will find out the information and step-by-step guide on how to build a home gym in a small space and if they are worth it or not.

So,  let us begin your journey of fitness here. Additionally, how about checking out Best New Year Destinations once you are done creating your home gym?

What is a Home Gym?

A home gym, as the name implies, is a gym inside your home. In contrast to the official gyms with a variety of intense and mild exercise equipment where several people exercise either together or with the help of a trainer, you have full authority over your small space gym.

You can choose the apparatus you prefer, design your workout routine, and do the training you like. Although home gyms have been a concept since long, they became popular after COVID-19.

Therefore, a home gym is a space in your apartment dedicated to workouts having basic equipment to help you stay fit. Additionally, you can upgrade it as you like anytime.

Can a Home Gym be Built in a Small Space?

Of course, a home gym can be built in a small space. The essence of a home gym is its customization according to your budget, space, needs, and choices. It can be built in any spare small room of your home, your garage, and even on the side of a lounge.

Build a Home Gym in a Small Space

At first, an exercise cycle or a treadmill was considered the ultimate equipment for the home gym in a small space. However, you can adjust a variety of equipment in a small space if your plan is right.

Therefore, depending on the type of apparatus you use, a seamless home gym can be set up in a few yards.

How to Build a Home Gym in a Small Space?

We hope you are now sure about building a home gym in a small space. Here is what you need to do to get your small-space yet comfortable and inspiring home gym.

1. Consider Your Space, Equipment, and Inspiration

First of all, do a thorough examination of your living space and see which area has about 50 to 100 square feet to spare for your gym. Also, you can even manage somehow if the space is less. So, simply select a space, either in an empty room, store room, garage, or lounge.

Then estimate your budget to know if you can spend on a smart gym as that can be the easiest option for a small space gym. If your budget is less, there are still so many things you can do.

Get to Google, YouTube, or Pinterest and see ideas for setting up a home gym with basic equipment. Create a thoughtful plan.

2. Clear Enough Space

Exercise is no fun if restricted due to obstructions like furniture, walls, and stuff like that in your gym area. So, rearrange the furniture or other things you have in that space.

Create enough area to move your arms and legs, and do strength training, weight lifting, yoga, and other exercises you plan on doing.

3. Get Your Equipment

Start by buying moveable, small-sized yet functional equipment for your home gym. The things you need include a reliable yoga mat, or a few pairs of dumbbells, weight training bars, an adjustable weight bench, power racks, resistance bands, jump ropes, and squat stands.

Also, maybe get a cardio machine if you have more space and budget.

Arrange the Home Gym

4. Arrange the Home Gym

Once you get your equipment, create a layout of the space you have and how you would like to arrange the stuff in that. Start putting that stuff that is difficult to move at first. For example, power racks, weight benches, and treadmills.

5. Set a Storage Space

The immobile equipment is arranged in the given space. And then you need to arrange the mobile equipment carefully so that it is not seen dangling around as it can be unsafe.

So, set up a storage space for other equipment and exercises as well. For example, dumbbells, free weights, medicine balls, and yoga mats. You can use a heavy-duty storage cupboard, space under the ottoman, and bed, a shoe shelf, or simply get a steel pegboard wall.

Also, give how self-watering planters work to add a touch of nature to your workout space.

6. Check Movements

Once your gym is completely set up. Perform a few exercises to check the practicality of the arrangement. See if there is any restriction to the movement or you can do a workout free of any obstruction.

Another way to check it is lying down on your yoga mat with arms and legs fully stretched in a way that they do not come in contact with anything in that area.

Yoga Check Movements

7. Your Gym is Ready

With this,  your home gym is all set. Appreciate yourself for the good job and keep yourself motivated to work as hard as you did to set it up.

Remember that you can always add new apparatus in this gym, rearrange it, and upgrade it.

8. Some Tips for Setting Up a Home Gym

Here are some tips to design the best home gym in a small space.

  • Always buy the equipment depending on the space you have. Plan it all out earlier.
  • Use high-quality floor covers and mats.
  • Do not hang heavy weights directly from the ceiling
  • Do not keep the dumbbells, medicine balls, and resistance bands on the floor without proper storage.
  • Add some motivational quotes and paintings in the space to make it more fun.
  • Ensure that there is a mirror in your home gym so that you can guide yourself without a trainer.

Are Small Space Home Gyms Worth it?

Home gyms regardless of the space are worth it. However, its worth greatly depends upon how motivated you are to get in shape and stay healthy and how much you spend on it.

One way to calculate this is to find out how much will be the cost of setting up a home gym and then compare it to the gym fee you are paying. Furthermore, here are some reasons why home gyms are worth the investment.

Are Small Space Home Gyms Worth it

1. Saves Money in the Long Run

On average, the monthly subscription fee of a gym is around $50 to $200 depending upon several factors. Additionally, charges like admission and commute are not added to this.

It means you may spend around $1000 per year on the gym. However, you can set up a home gym at this price and it works as an investment for your whole life. Also, you can keep adding new equipment to it every year.

2. Saves Time of Traveling

You might only work 30 to 60 minutes every day in the gym. But that is also the time you will be spending traveling to the gym. How about sleeping for an extra hour, waking up, and exercising in your home gym instead?

Many people do not go to the gym because of the commute.

3. Motivates You to Workout

When workout equipment is lying in front of you, you feel attracted to it and start working out. In contrast, the thought of getting ready for the official gym might demotivate you.

Also, you can exercise whenever you want, do whichever exercise you like and even invite your friend or partner for a workout date at your place.

4. Can be Used by Your Family or Friends as Well

If you live in a shared apartment or simply live with your family. All members can pitch in to make the home gym. Furthermore, you can all use this home gym one by one and get the best out of the price you have paid.


If you are thinking of creating a  home gym but are discouraged by the lack of space, let me tell you that you need to execute your idea in that space with careful planning. To help you build a perfect gym in a small space, we have made this guide.

So, get your hands on the basic equipment, make a layout for the space you have, set up the gym, and get to work out! Do not let the lack of space make you give up on your own home gym.


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