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FitnessTop 10 Best Gymshark Leggings Brands for Women's Workout 2024

Top 10 Best Gymshark Leggings Brands for Women’s Workout 2024

The more important active sportswear like leggings is for a seamless workout, the more difficult is to find them. Brands either offer comfortable moisture-wicking materials, stylish designs, or diverse shapes. Only a few brands can feature the leggings with all these qualities.

So, what are the leggings brands trusted by athletic women all around the world? And what brands can meet your intense or low-impact requirements? Well, let us talk about the best Gym Leggings Brands for Women’s workouts in 2024 today.

We will give a sneak peek at the brand’s history, its popular leggings products, and the reason for its popularity. Also, while we are talking about sportswear, how about learning How to Build a Home Gym in a Small Space? Are Worth It?

So, shall we get started?

Best 10 Gym Leggings Brands for Women’s Workouts in 2024

Comparison Table

Let us take a glance at the history of the top 10 gym leggings brands in this table. Also, see some brands a even more than a century old. Moreover, we would like to recommend The 8 Best Chest Exercises for Women (with Pictures).

No. Gym Leggings Brand Country of Origin Founded in Founder
1. Gymshark England 2012 Ben Francis and Lewis Morgan
2. Lululemon Canada 1998 Chip Wilson
3. Nike United States 1964 Phil Knight and Bill Bowerman
4. Sweaty Betty United Kingdom 1998 Tamara Hill Norton and Simon Hill Norton
5. Vouri America 2015 Joe Kudla
6. My Protein United Kingdom 2004 Oliver Cookson
7. Adanola United Kingdom 2015 Hyrum Cook
8. Adidas Germany 1924 Adolf Dassler
9. New Balance United States 1906 William J. Railey
10. Spanx United States 2000 Sara Blakley

1. Gymshark

Gymshark Leggings BrandsOfficial Website: Gymshark Official Store

Website Link:

Instagram: Gymshark

ID: @gymshark/

Followers: 6.8 Million

Most Popular Products:

Gymshark is an online retailer that joined the leggings market about a decade ago. It came a long way to become the most-hyped-up store to meet all your sportswear needs. The reason lies in its ergonomic designs, flexible material, and comfortable feel.

Moreover, you would get no camel toe wearing Gymshark leggings as you go on with your day or do intense workouts.

2. Lululemon

Gymshark Leggings Brands LululemonOfficial Website: Lululemon Athletica

Website Link:

Instagram: Lululemon

ID: @lululemon/

Followers: 4.8 Million

Most Popular Products:

  • Wunder Train High-Rise Tight
  • lululemon Align™ High-Rise Pant
  • lululemon Align™ High-Rise Mini-Flared Pant
  • Wunder Train Contour Fit High-Rise Tight
  • Swift Speed High-Rise Tight

Lululemon is one of the oldest brands in the industry of sportswear. Its leggings could be one of the best and most durable pairs one could own. Known for their diverse designs like flared pants, high-rise, and more, these leggings provide the support and style you might be looking for.

Furthermore, Lulelemon’s leggings are also made with moisture-wicking material to ensure no sweat hinders your workout. Also, take a look at The 5 Best Exercises for Good Skin and Hair.

3. Nike

Gymshark Leggings Brands NikeOfficial Website: Nike: Just Do It

Website Link:

Instagram: Nike

ID: @nike/

Followers: 306 Million

Most Popular Products:

  • Nike Universe Women’s Gentle Support High-Waisted Leggings
  • Nike Trail Go Women’s Medium Support High-Waisted Leggings
  • Nike Zenvy Tie Dye Women’s Firm Support High-Waisted Leggings
  • Nike Air Women’s Full-Length Split Hem Leggings
  • Nike Pro Mid-Rise Leggings

Whether it is Nike shoes, sports equipment, shocks, sweatsuits, or leggings, Nike is one of the most wanted brands. Although pretty old, Nike has ensured to maintain the quality of its products and keep up with the trends.

You can find durable material and sweat-wicking properties in Nike’s leggings. But its square-proof design, side pockets, and zippers are the exceptional features that will make you fall in love.

4. Sweaty Betty

Gymshark Leggings Brands for Women Sweaty BettyOfficial Website: Spring is that You? Official Sweaty Betty

Website Link:

Instagram: Sweaty Betty

ID: @sweatybetty/

Followers: 716K

Most Popular Products:

  • Sweaty Betty Super Soft Picot Lace Flare Trousers
  • Sweaty Betty Power Cropped Gym Leggings
  • Sweaty Betty Power Full-Length Gym Leggings
  • Sweaty Betty Power Embossed Gym Leggings
  • Sweaty Betty Power Bootcut Gym Trousers

If you love prints and colors, Sweaty Betty is the right brand for you. And let us tell you that it is not just about fashion and compressive fit, Sweaty Betty leggings are lightweight yet completely sweat-proof.

Not to mention, their reflective pipings to run in the darkness, drawstrings to adjust the size, back pockets to keep your mobile, and side zipper for other essential items.

5. Vouri

Vouri Gymshark Leggings BrandsOfficial Website: Vouri Athletic Clothing and Active Wear Apparel for Performance

Website Link:

Instagram: Vouri Clothing

ID: @vuoriclothing/?hl=en

Followers: 699 K

Most Popular Products:

  • Vouri Daily Legging
  • Vouri Daily Pocket Leggings
  • Vouri Clean Elevation Leggings
  • Vouri All the Feel Leggings
  • Vouri Halo Slim Flare Leggings

Gaining popularity through its sports shorts, Vouri has improved the quality of its other active apparel to be part of the top 10 leggings brands. Its leggings are famous for their breathable and stretchable material that helps you do yoga, push-ups, planks, weight-lifting, and every exercise you would like.

Also, its material might seem a bit thicker to be weightless. But that thickness is to make it squat-proof.

6. My Protein

Gymshark Leggings Brands My ProteinOfficial Website: Active Wear and Sports Clothing – My Protein

Website Link:


ID: @myprotein/

Followers: 1 Million

Most Popular Products:

  • MP Women’s Shape Seamless Leggings
  • MP Women’s Curve High-Waisted Leggings
  • MP Women’s Tempo Seamless Scrunch Leggings
  • MP Women’s Power Mesh Leggings
  • MP Women’s Power Mesh Leggings

My Protein can be your one-way stop for all your workout needs. Want some supplements? Need sportswear? Short of vitamins? Well, you can get it all at My Protein.

If we talk about leggings, leggings will surely give you the experience of a high-end pair with their adequate thickness, perfect fit, and pockets.

7. Adanola

Adanola Gymshark LeggingsOfficial Website: Adanola

Website Link:

Instagram: Adanola

ID: @adanola/?hl=en

Followers: 669 K

Most Popular Products:

  • Adanola Ultimate Leggings
  • Adanola Ultimate Pocket Leggings
  • Adanola Ultimate Wrap Over Leggings
  • Adanola Ultimate Pipping Leggings
  • Adanola Branded Ultimate Leggings

Adanola can be your go-to leggings brand for sports that do not make you sweat too much like yoga, pilates, and planks. These leggings are made of one of the softest nylon and elastane materials that feel great on sensitive skin.

Additionally, they are designed in a way that they flatter your body shape while providing satisfactory mobility. So, if you are looking for a stylish sportswear brand, Adanola might just be perfect.

8. Adidas

Adidas Gymshark LeggingsOfficial Website: Adidas US Sportswear

Website Link:

Instagram: Adidas

ID: @adidas/?hl=en

Followers: 28.8 Million

Most Popular Products:

  • Adidas 3 Strip Leggings
  • Adidas 3 Strip Bike Shorts
  • Adidas Adicolor 3 Strip Leggings
  • Adidas Women’s Original Flared Leggings
  • Adidas Yoga Studio Leggings

You might either be not a sports brand fan or living in the Stone Age if you never wanted a pair of Adidas leggings for yourself. Adidas is known for its innovative products that combine function with comfort.

Furthermore, you can also wear them as your casual clothes as they look great with T-shirts and watch Netflix at home.

9. New Balance

New Balance GymsharkOfficial Website: New Balance Shoes, Sneakers, and Athletic Wear

Website Link:

Instagram: New Balance

ID:  @newbalance/?hl=en

Followers: 7.5 Million

Most Popular Products:

  • NB Sleek High Rise Sport Legging
  • NB Harmony High Rise Legging
  • Klutch x NB Women Baselayer Pant
  • NB Sleek High Rise Legging

New Balance can bring balance into your life if you want minimalist leggings that provide a snug fit and prevent sweating. Also, it is important to note that New Balance leggings feel extra comfortable on your legs and can be the best option for short girls.

The only sad thing is that it only offers a few options

10. Spanx

Spanx Gymshark LeggingsOfficial Website: Spanx Womens Activewear – Shaping and Flattering Workout Clothing

Website Link:

Instagram: SPANX

ID: @spanx/?hl=en

Followers: 904 K

Most Popular Products:

  • Spanx Booty Boost Active Leggings
  • Spanx Booty Boost Active Contour Rib Leggings
  • Spanx Booty Boost Flare Yoga Pants
  • Spanx EcoCare Seamless Leggings
  • Spanx Soft and Smooth Active Leggings

For a flawless finish and seamless fit, Spanx leggings also take a high spot. These leggings do not slip no matter how intense your workout is. Moreover, Spanx offers 3 stages of compressions making it suitable for people with diverse needs.

However, it might not be a suitable option if you prefer weightless leggings with high mobility.


A comfortable pair of leggings that do not stick with your skin, restrict your movement, or make you look weird can be the motivation for hitting the gym every day.

While we might not be able to trust highly-rated products from random websites, we can surely trust the brands, right? That is why we shared the top 10 leggings brands for women.


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