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LifestyleHow to Get Ready Before Summer for Girls: The Ultimate Guide

How to Get Ready Before Summer for Girls: The Ultimate Guide

Hot girl summer is incomplete without a thorough, thoughtful, and trendy preparation for the summer. You cannot grab whatever and go on with your day in the upcoming beautiful weather.

From helping you get in your best shape to presenting yourself in the most appropriate yet stylish way, we have the ultimate guide on how to get ready before summer for you.

In this guide, we will share tips and tricks to prepare yourself physically and mentally before stepping into the summer.

1. Preparation for the Outfits

Preparation for the Outfits

Let us start your preparation for the summer by selecting the outfits you will be wearing for the next few months.

Update Your Wardrobe

It is time to store your winter outfits that are taking up too much space in your wardrobe and replace them with summer outfits. You can get yourself a few flowy, cute, floral, ruffled, and mini dresses.

Additionally, you can simply get the outfits you have, mix and match them, and create new dresses. Be sure to go for bright and lightweight dresses.

Shop Some Footwear

With the change of your outfits, you also need an update in your footwear to match the bright summer dresses. Carefully look through your wardrobe to see if you have ballet flats, espadrilles, sandals, block heels, and wedges.

If you have them, that’s great. If not, buy a pair or 2 that can serve as your go-to shoes with every outfit.

Prepare Your Outfit a Night Before

No matter how many clothes you have, you cannot find the right outfit early in the morning. So, plan your outfit. Get your top, bottom, bag, shoes, and accessories prepared in the night and you won’t have to panic looking for a dress in the morning.

Get Some Athletic Wear

Athletic wear is going to be popular in the summer as the easiest yet trendiest outfit to wear when you cannot decide on anything else. Loose T-shirts or tank tops with leggings or sports skirts can be worn anywhere and any day as long as you are not going to the office.

2. Preparing for the Accessories

Summer Preparing for the Accessories

Accessories add class to the outfit and can make you look more attractive. So, here are some tips to find the most suitable accessories for yourself.

Buy Minimalist Jewelry

Heavy necklaces, big rings, and thick hair bands that might look cool on Pinterest. But we have to agree that they are not suitable to be worn every day.

So, sort out the accessory collection you have and keep minimalist jewelry like hoops, pendants, chains, ring bands, bracelets, and even anklets in a separate drawer.

Sunglasses are a Must-Have

Sunglasses will not only make you look like a fashionista but also protect you from the harsh UV rays in the summer. Thus, make sure you have a small yet high-quality collection of sunglasses that suit your facial features.

Try a Watch

The watch is a timeless accessory. Therefore, get a trendy classic watch to enhance your appearance, or go for a smartwatch to keep up with the ever-growing world.

3. Preparing Your Body

Preparing Your Body for Summer

The body you can hide so easily in the winter is going to be visible in the summer. Thus, follow the tips given below to prepare your body. Also, remember that you are doing this to be healthy, not just presentable.

Hit the Gym

You might feel too lazy to be in the gym in the winter. But do not let that excuse stop you from getting your dream body in the winter. Start going to the gym every day.

If the intense workout does not seem feasible for you, simply do low-impact exercise at home and walk at least 10,000 feet every day. It will help you stay in shape and improve your mood.

Control Your Weight

Obesity is associated with several health issues like hormonal imbalance, low mood, diabetes, and much more. Therefore, try controlling your weight in the BMI range for your height and age.

You can reduce the calorie intake but do not starve yourself. Similarly, if you are underweight, try to eat more calorie-dense food.

Pay Attention to Your Diet

Our diets are full of crappy meals that adversely affect our health. Let this summer be the season when you work on your diet and eat healthy. Let go of alcohol, excess coffee, smoking, and fast food.

Replace them with fresh juices, salads, meat, and homemade meals.


Regardless of the season, water needs to be your go-to drink. Always keep a water bottle with you. You can use plain water or add some herbs and lemon in it to make detox water.

You sweat more in summer and the risk of dehydration is also greater. Thus, ensure that your body gets an adequate amount of water.

4. Preparing Your Skin

Preparing Your Skin for Summer

Hot girls have flawless skin. With flawless skin, we mean healthy skin. So, here are some tips to get smooth skin.

Invest in Basic Skincare Products

We would suggest that you pay more attention to the skincare instead of the makeup. The goal should be to make the skin flawless instead of hiding the flaws. Thus, buy nourishing, hydrating, and useful skincare products for yourself.

You need an oil-based cleanser, a water–based cleanser, toner, serum, spot treatment, and moisturizer in the summer.

Stay Consistent with Your Skincare Routine

Do not buy skincare products because you are too excited and make them rot in the corner of your drawer. Rather, keep your skincare basic and ensure that you do it every day. You do not need 10 steps. 3 to 4 steps are more than enough.

Never Skip Sunscreen

Just like water in your diet, sunscreen is a staple part of your skincare. You might give up every other step of your skincare routine, but sunscreen needs to be on your skin every time you go out or your windows are letting the sun rays in.

5. Preparing Your Hair

Preparing Your Hair Summer

Beautiful girls have gorgeous hair. Therefore, let us help you improve the texture, volume, and length of your hair with these tips.

Hydrate and Nourish Your Hair

Hair styling tools with harsh weather of the summer dries the hair and takes its lustrous shine away. Thus, you need to counter it by using hair oil and hair masks regularly.

Additionally, you can add bond-building haircare products to your routine.

Use Sulphate-Free Hair Products

Sulphate creates a build-up in the scalp and damages the hair. Mostly, it is present in shampoos and conditioners. Therefore, read the ingredient list of your hair products and ensure that they contain no sulfates.

Furthermore, it would be great to use silk bed sheets and pillowcases, and a new wooden hair brush.

Take Hair Supplements

To give your hair care products a boost from the inside, start taking hair care supplements. They work on the hair follicles to nourish the hair and make it grow thicker, smoother, longer, and healthier. You can check some hair supplements in Nutrafol vs Viviscal vs Folexin: Which Is Better for Hair Growth?

6. Learn the Perfect Makeup Looks

Learn the Perfect Makeup Looks

We girls love makeup. But let us not overdo it.

Find Out Which Makeup Look Suits You

Makeup is to enhance the facial features not to hide them. Therefore, you need to find the makeup look that suits you well. Get consulted with makeup experts and determine which color combinations, eyeliner shapes, blush styles, and lipstick colors look good on you.

Go for Natural-Looking Makeup

The more makeup you wear, the more you are going to sweat. Thus, keep it minimalistic and go for no-makeup looks. Spend more time preparing your skin well and less time doing the makeup.

A skin tint, mascara, lip gloss, and cheek tint can make you look perfect for a summer day.

Get Summer Nails

Summer means bright nail colors and cool nail art. You need to try the nail paints that suit the undertone of your skin and wear nail art that goes well with your outfits. Also, check 15 French Tip Christmas Nail Art Design Ideas.

7. Enhance Physical Appearance

remove body hair for summer

Lastly, here are some grooming tips to help you look your best

Remove Your Body Hair

Summer dresses mean your legs and arms are going to be revealed. You won’t like the appearance of unwanted body hair on it. So, remove your body hair regularly or go for laser hair removal to get done with unwanted body hair once and for all.

Invest in Fragrances

A good fragrance can be a big turn-on for people. With the sweat making you smell rancid in the summer, invest in a high-quality and long-lasting fragrance. Some of the 12 Good Deodorants for Women’s Body Odor are given here.

Be Comfortable in Your Skin

There is one thing that can make you appear beautiful both inside and out. It is confidence. You must accept yourself the way you are and be comfortable in your skin.

Also, adopt a positive body and mind attitude and be grateful for every moment you are living and every blessing you have. It will help you stay happy and enjoy your life in the best way possible.


Let this summer be the season where you become the best version of yourself. It is time to prepare yourself for the coming change in season so that people cannot take their eyes off of you.

Therefore, work on your body, mind, physical grooming, outfits, makeup, skincare, haircare, and overall vibe this year.


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