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LifestyleCan Men Wear Makeup? Is It Normal for Straight Guys?

Can Men Wear Makeup? Is It Normal for Straight Guys?

The issue of whether guys should wear makeup or not has been a matter of debate in recent years. Thanks to gender competition, which has surreptitiously crept into almost everything we say and do these days, more men are now beginning to make up their faces than ever before. If you plan to join this train, the chances are that you have questions. As such, being true to ourselves requires that we address this issue.

Come to think about it. As a guy, you are not gay or of any other sexuality; I mean, you are straight yet wearing makeup like Miss. Cinderella? How will society see it? What will people say?

Well, women put on trousers, wear boxers, fez caps, hats, suits, and every other clothing that used to be seen as mainly for men some decades ago. Does that make most women less now? Of course not.

Even in more culturally conserved countries like South Korea, Japan, and many other Asian nations, it is common to see men wear makeup, which isn’t a big deal.

American society wants people to be perfect rather than being themselves, which is very wrong. The truth is, all this make-up for men’s issues did not start today, as many are against it. It is an age-long beauty practice for men.

History of Men’s Makeup

Contrary to the belief that men evolved into wearing makeup, which is a lie, makeup has never been limited to only women. Many men in history have worn make-up for different purposes. The old Egyptians, mostly the affluent, lined their eyes using coal. The ancient affluent Incans also had their nails painted, and the ancient Babylonians also did the same.

Is It Normal for Straight GuysIt was practically a symbol for the nobles and rich men, particularly in Europe and Asia. Many wore paints to look fairer. You also find similar histories when you look out for the ancient Romans and Greeks. Greek and Roman men paint their nails, cheeks, and lips to look younger.

Just like today, the criticism and debate about men wearing makeup were on then as well. Religious institutions and secular societies have always seen makeup for men as being homosexual, decadent, and vanity. The critics even went up the roof during the rule of Queen Victoria, who made different rules and policies against men putting on makeup, which caused a decline in both Europe and North America.

Immediately after World War II, it became rare to see men wearing makeup; it disappeared completely in the West. However, people in the dramatic art sector brought it up again. Different performers had makeup on to make their skin look clean and to display arts and culture.

Fast forward to the mid-20th century, and it became popular again; politicians, prominent people, and actors had it on public occasions. Even the former American president, John Kennedy, wore makeup to some events during his lifetime.

And now, in the 21st century, it has even become more popular, and more men now do makeup. So it’s not new, as some critics claim; it has always been there, just that it wasn’t as popular as it has grown to be now.

Should You Wear Makeup?

Why should you allow people to define you in the first place? I know most people see makeup as a bad thing for a guy, probably because they see it as a girls’ thing or for homos. However, it’s not different from how you have to deal with some folks who think dressing up is unfamiliar. Don’t let just some random person make you feel bad for being you. You don’t have to live for anybody; just do you.

Is it normal for straight men?

It’s alright to try out something perceived as unmanly or societally wrong and sometimes unacceptable; let that sink. Makeup is not only for women, and the fact that you are wearing makeup does not make you a gay man or an effeminate object. If you are straight, there is no good reason to seek societal validation, not like they pay your bills or something.

Reasons Some Men Wear Makeup

Whether to wear makeup or not is a personal choice, and everyone can choose their lifestyle, but don’t let them define you; allow them to presume, and you should never feel bad about it.

Reasons Some Men Wear Makeup

Some professions or jobs require that even boys wear makeup, such as models, actors, artists, and many others. That doesn’t make most of them not straight; it’s simply a way for them to look nice and neat on screens. So when you put on mascara or foundation as a man, it means you care about how you look, not the other way around. Appropriate light makeup can also enhance a man’s image.

A few of the reasons why these talks have been exercised are because of certain terms used to describe men who care about looking pretty, like manisexuals. It is common among pretty boys, i.e., gay folks, so don’t get it twisted. To avoid keeping more mouths ranting, you should avoid talking about it.

Men wear make-up too to possibly conceal their scars. Yes, if you have some scars on your face you don’t want people to see, wearing make-up can help you make them less visible. Like this, makeup is also being used to cover skin diseases and issues like hyperpigmentation, black spots, vitiligo, pimples, and sunburns.

Someone like the late Michael Jackson, the king of pop, wore make-up for a significant number of years of his life. The reason may look unknown to many, but the man was suffering from vitiligo, which made him turn white from black. So, being a public figure, he had to do something to at least make it look visible.

Wrapping up

The wearing of make-up is not limited to only women; men can wear it too for obvious reasons. If women are now putting on trousers, wearing male shirts, cutting their hair, or putting on suits and sneakers, there is no reason why men putting on make-up should be brutally criticized. That’s being hypocritical; the truth is, we have evolved fast. Just as women want to look all pretty, some men desire it as well, just like we have tomboys.

Others also wear makeup to conceal their facial scars. That doesn’t make them gay; fine, gay boys wear make-up, but that doesn’t make all men who do the same gay. If you like wearing makeup as a man, do it if it means being you; don’t let society define you. It is the stupidest thing to let them do.


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