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Silk’n Jewel vs Infinity: Which Hair Removal Device Should You Choose?

Known for its iconic hair removal devices, Silk’n is one of the giant brand names in the body grooming space. It has launched many devices that have competed successfully with other popular brands on the market, and its products are also known to be safe and FDA-cleared.

Two of this brand’s products that stand out for us today are the Silk’n Jewel and Infinity hair removal devices. With a track record of outperforming so many other hair removal devices, they come highly recommended. They also make the perfect gift for your loved ones that you care about their grooming, especially during this Yuletide.

When faced with the choice of picking one out of these two nice hair removal devices from Silk’n, which is a better choice? Both being light-based and from the same company, is it possible that one is better than the other?

This article contains all-encompassing details and comparison between Silk’n Jewel and Silk’n Infinity to help you make a better choice. As such, keep reading.

The Key Points of Silk’n vs. Infinity Hair Removal Devices

  • Silk’n vs. Infinity Hair Removal DevicesThey are both from Silk’n
  • Silk’n offers free shipping for both hair removal devices to different places, with a few exceptions.
  • Silk’n Jewel uses the touch and flash technique to remove hair, while Infinity uses the pulsing and gliding method.
  • Silk’n Jewel is ineffective on dark skin tones, red hair, and gray or white hair. In comparison, Silk’n Infinity can be used on a wide variety of skin tones and hair, so long as the hair has enough melanin.
  • Silk’n offers a double warranty on both hair removal devices.
  • Both Jewel and Infinity can be used to remove hair from all over the body.
  • Silk’n offers a free app to keep up with your treatment schedule for maximum results.

All About Silk’n Jewel Hair Removal Device

This incredible hair removal device was built with the latest Silk’n Home Pulsed Light technology to damage hair follicles without tapering with the surrounding skin. You can adjust its energy level to suit any body part, making it ideal for every aspect. It is a safe device for removing hair as it is not just FDA-cleared but also Canada Health-approved.

One Silk’n Jewel is enough for a lifetime as it is sturdily built, and you do not need to refill any cartridge.

Silk’n Jewel Hair Removal Device
Silk’n Jewel


  • Dermatologists highly recommend it.
  • For travelers and minimalists, this IPL device comes handily as its design is compact and easy to pack.
  • It gives long-lasting results
  • You don’t need much expertise to use this handset
  • It can be used on every part of the body.


  • The resulting timeline is slow, as you may wait up to two months before seeing any significant drop in hair volume and length.
  • Dark-skinned folks may not find it very effective
  • You can’t use it on your tattooed skin.

All About Silk’n Infinity Hair Removal Device

Silk’n Infinity was built to put the days of paying constant trips to salons for hair removal to an end. With its unlimited flashes, you have a lifetime to enjoy the goodness of this hair removal device with no need for cartridge replacement. It is effective on all skin tones, making it a sure device for everyone.

Silk’n Infinity Hair Removal Device
Silk’n Infinity


  • Hair removal sessions are nearly painless and super easy with this device.
  • Its five energy levels give room for flexible adjustments.
  • It is suitable for a wide range of skin tones
  • Besides hair removal, you can use this eHPL device to treat a range of skin problems and rejuvenate them.
  • Thanks to its quart bulb,  you get a faster pulse and reload for a speedy session time.


  • It may take at least two months of constant treatment before any visible result.
  • Compared to the Jewel handset, Infinity is a bit pricey.
  • It cannot be used cordless.

Comparison of the Two Devices

What’s the difference between Silk’n Jewel and Infinity? The differences between them can be seen in the following:


We know the importance of working within your budget, so we passed the two devices through its lens. Jewel costs only $161.85, and it does everything you might expect from a hair removal device. On the other hand, more classic Infinity costs $278.85.

You might want to consider your pocket before making a choice here. Pick the one that you can comfortably afford.


Both Silk’n Jewel and Infinity have an unlimited number of flashes, which means that you can use it for as long as you wish without any need to change its cartridge. Going by their global ratings and reviews, they are both durable.

Comparison of the Silk’n Jewel vs InfinityEffectiveness

Silk’n Jewel is effective in treating different skin tones, but Infinity seems more effective as its range of skin tones is very wide. You can adjust the energy intensity of Infinity to suit your skin tone, especially if you are dark-skinned. The best you can do for your skin is to check the skin tones and hair colors each is compatible with before buying.


In terms of usage, Infinity is more versatile than Jewel, as it can be used on any part of your body. With Jewel, you have to beware of darker parts of your body, like your underarms or suntanned parts.


Silk’n placed a 60-day money return guarantee on both Jewel and Infinity. So, you can purchase either of the devices with the assurance of your money back if you do not like it. They also have a two-year warranty.

Comparison Table

In summary, here is a glance at all the parameters we used to compare the two hair removal devices from Silk’n.

Parameters Silk’n Jewel Silk’n Infinity
Price $161.85 $278.85
Shows permanent results within 8 to 12 sessions 6 to 8 sessions for women and 8 to 12 sessions for males
Compatible areas of the body All body parts All parts of the body, including the face and bikini.
Money back guarantee 60 days 60 days
FDA approval Approved Approved
Required usage per week 1 to 2 times 1 to 2 times
Duration of a treatment session Less than 20 minutes Less than 20 minutes
Warranty 2 years warranty two years warranty
Lifespan Unlimited flashes Unlimited flashes
Energy intensity levels five intensity levels five intensity levels
Where to buy At Silkn At Silkn

Which Device is Better for You?   

The better choice for you between these two hair removal depends on your preference. If you want the one that works on a broader range of skin tones, Silk’n Infinity is your sure plug. But if working within a strict budget is something you must then the Silk’n Jewel may be a better option.

Wrapping Up

Silk’n is really at the forefront of the war against unkempt body hair. This is why comparing two of its products gave an impressive result. They are durable and ergonomically built to provide comfort while grooming your body.

The significant differences are in their prices and effectiveness, with Silk’n Jewel being more affordable while Infinity is more effective.


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